Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend wrap up

It's so exciting to see you all posting and sharing! I love the
variety of starts we've all had. Variety is the spice of life, isn't it?

Our weekend was spent doing lots of spring cleaning. Since we rent
from a fairly large property management company we get yearly
inspections. Mainly it's to make sure the smoke detectors, sprinklers,
and fixtures are all stllbin tact. Regardless, we had a lit of winter
dust to get rid of!!

With that being said, I started Saturday off with a 3 mile walk before
1pm at that!! I've decided I'm ready to make 3 miles my daily goal (on
the weekdays). Those three miles went be fast! I had mom and Andy
walking with me, too!

Sunday was more cleaning. Hubby and I managed to get in a quick two
mile walk at dusk, which made for a nice capper to the weekend.

One thing I noticed this weekend? With the weight loss I'm getting the
saggy skin. Under my arms and on my inner thighs mostly. The last time
I started losing weight, I got to this point and it paralyzed me. Even
at my heaviest, everything was solid. These wrinkles and soft spots
freak me the hell out!!! I'm doing my best to not let it stop my
weight loss this time. So, I think it might be time for me to hit our
fitness room and start doing some arm work. Maybe the thighs will get
to a better place as I keep working my legs?

Any of you have thigh pointers?

Oh, and this is my first attempt at posting from my iPhone. I hope it


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  1. Your thighs will tighten over time. Normally I would advise squats and wall sits but with your joints I'm not sure it's possible. Swimming is a good option.....oh and make sure you rub some sort of anything on your thighs actually breaks down the fat pockets and even in a brief time you will see them begin to smooth! Keep up the great work Sis!!!!

  2. You are doing great.. take it from me.. Jen is right.. RUB. When I lost a ton in Florida I used Shea Butter daily.. and RUBBED.. it does break it down and the loose skin? Yes, work your arms.. and use the lotion.. I'm so proud of you :)Love, Renita

  3. I think I can save the thighs and arms. Now, the belly is another story. That flapped over after I had kiddo. I'm having problems now with sweating in that area. If I don't keep things ultra dry I end up with a big red rashy itchy patch that can quickly turn into a yeast infection or a staph infection if I'm not careful with it.

    Honestly, I'd love to just have that flap removed. I talked to my dr once and he said that it can be deemed medically necessary because of my immune system and the dangers of skin infections for me. I guess I need to talk to him again about it.

  4. I should talk with him. In the mean time you may want to see if he can give you for an RX for Nystatin powder. It will help keep that area from growing yeast. Mom used to use it before her surgery and it kept her infection free. :)