Friday, May 21, 2010

My walks..

Well, my walks have been seriously disturbed here! Between the rain, a teething baby, a grumpy three year old and a busy teenager.. I haven't walked for two weeks. BUT, I have been busy. Last week I spent any day that wasn't raining outside digging! I dug an entire flower bed basically by myself ( have any of you ever done that?) It's brutal! I have an entirely new respect for gardeners. Taking up sod is a job for a superhero.. it's a ton of work. It made my body hurt like hell the next day.. but it was truly rewarding. Wanna see?

My husband had a whole new respect for me after seeing this and it really did something for my self esteem. So, even though I haven't been walking as much as I'd like to.. I am getting physical... and I'm thinking of each of you getting physical too. It's helping me mentally keep on keeping on.
Till next time.. Renita


  1. It's beautiful Renita! You and Adrian can be a team!! :) I'm sure he'd looooove that!

  2. Very nice,& a lot of work. Great workout, great job! %^)