Friday, May 14, 2010

Falling off the horse....and getting back on.

Well as you may have read I had a nasty bout with my knee.....and for those of you that know me when it comes to procrastination I am the master!!! Needless to say I ended up not walking or running for over a week. Yesterday with inspiring playlist in hand I set out. I managed to get 2 miles done but it was HELL!!! I only managed 2 60 second sprints before caving and even the walking took the wind out of me. I had to face the repercussions of my laziness head on.....lessoned learned. I'll be back out later today...and Saturday....and....well you get the point. I learned that no matter what...slow it down or cut the route shorter but keep moving!!! When you don't it's really hard to get back on that horse!


  1. GO JEN!!! Thanks for the advice I need all I can get!! %^)

  2. ;)I love you.. it's going to be alright.