Monday, May 24, 2010

If any of you guys are interested in healthy living and hints on walking go to the website. This is a website that comes from the Dr.Oz website. Yesterday I started adding some change to my walking straight routine. With hints from my aerobics teacher I began doing some backwards walking and side stepping into my normal walking routine. I also did some high stepping as I walked. My normal walking was getting to be a routine that my body was use too so I kicked it up a notch. I got in at least a good one and a half hour walk with a speed walk at the begining of the walk. Joy was doing her jewerly thing yesterdaywith her good friend Ashley so she wasn't with me.
I alson read on the RealAge web that if you have a child in a sport like baseball there is no reason you can't get in a walk while watching. What you do is walk back and forth near the base line watching your child play as you do your healthy walking. Keep on walking your healthy walk every step is a step closer to your goal.

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