Friday, May 21, 2010

walking with monarchlinda

Hi All this is my first post and by reading what you guys are doing for yourselves is great. Remember to take things at a pace you are comfortable with. If you over do you will pay the price. When I first started out it was a walk around the block and then added more each day. Too much too fast and I paid for it by backaches and leg cramps. I had to make sure I ate enough potassium to handle the leg cramps. What I learned from the aerobics teacher for my back while walking was to stop lean over relax and take deep breaths while expanding the muscle area with the deep breaths. If you can't lean over grab a fence a post or a small tree and stretch again with the deep breathing in that muscle area. It works and helps you walk a little further. Keep doing it as often as you need till your walk is done. It helps me a lot. Keep on walking and as you do Joy and I will think of you as we do our walks together. "You Rock Guys"

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  1. Welcome! & thanks for the hints on what to do. Need all i can get.:)