Friday, April 30, 2010

Living Room Walk

Our beginning started in the livingroom! I just had a new baby in January ( Mr. Alexander) so the three year old ( Bella ) and I walked to Leslie Sandstone's kid walk. In the livingroom. It's Ohio. It was cold outside! lol. We started off having a blast .. and then after a minor setback ( I was hospitalized.. high blood pressure, asthma attack, Lupus? bleck) we are up and walking again. OUTSIDE. It's a relief to finally have some decent weather so that we can be under blue skys. Yesterday during our walk Isabel and I couldnt' seem to find any birds flying around. Our adventure was filled with us calling out to the sky " birdies? where are you?" Isabel decided they were sleeping.. so for the next 10 minutes we called out " birdies?? wakeup!!" Eventually ( thank you fates) a few birds flew past and Isabel was happy that she had woken up the birds. This little girl sure does make the time fly. Today I'm thinking we'll walk through Ted Lewis Park .. maybe the birds there get up earlier! lol. ( add in Damn Speed bumps though.. ugh.) Anyway.. My name is Renita, mother of 4 ( ages 21, 14, 3 and 3 months-2 boys-2 girls) ( photos later.. must hurry.. Alexanders getting hungry lol) I'm a stubborn Aries women that has a lot on her plate... welcome to my life.

Till later,

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  1. I can imagine you, pissed off, marching around your living room!!