Thursday, April 29, 2010

Faerie.... running?

I'm not a walker. I admit it. Heck, I'm not even really a runner. But I do it now. You see, a week or so ago there was this Ravelry thread on the only forum I actually keep up with, encouraging people to run. Well, the premise was running, but basically encouraging physical exercise. So, I posted my excuses, but I kept reading. I read about the opera singer who started running 18 months ago and had lost over 100 pounds. The women who have to wear three bras to keep the "ladies" penned up. The woman who runs with a knee replacement surgery under her belt. More stories, more examples... and my excuses just kinda crumbled away.

So last week I started jogging. First a quarter mile, but now I'm up to half a mile. I signed up for my first 5K in September to benefit the Kelsey Briggs Run Against Child Abuse. I might, if I can get up to the distance, sign up for the Red Earth 5K in June... however, I don't want to push my luck, and 5K is 3 miles and I'm still only at half a mile.

Oh, and I jog in a skirt. :)


  1. Hi Kae!! I started with a half mile, too, with my walking. :) Now I'm up to 3 miles.

    Now I'm trying to picture you running in a skirt. I tried to walk in a skirt, but we have wind on a pretty regular basis here, and, well, I ended up with my skirt over my head via the wind one too many times.

    Keep up the good work, babe!

  2. Joy, it's actually a skirt designed for running. Target sells them. I went to pick up a pair of jogging shorts, and picked it up instead. LOL