Monday, August 2, 2010

How do you do it?

Hello, ladies! I'm back, with a question.

I've recently started "working" at a friend's shop three days a week, from 11am-8pm. This leaves me with no evening time to get my walk in. My only option is to do it in the morning before I leave.

Now, those of you who know me well, know that mornings and I do NOT get along. And seeing as I've quit coffee, well, it's even harder for me.

How do you guys do it? Work AND work out???

I feel all off kilter not getting my walk in every. single. day.

I tried a morning walk one day. It was nice. But it required me to be awake and functional and ready to walk by 9am. Ugh. Which means I need to be up around 8:30am to eat something and let my meds kick in so I'm not walking in pain.

So share your secrets, Ladies!! I need some help!


  1. Could you have snack things there to eat throughout the day, and take a walk during a lunch break? Or perhaps break the walk up and do a brisk walk just before heading out to it, and then one in the mid-afternoon? Alternately, an afternoon + evening walk? Also, I wanna hear all about this new "work" opportunity you've got going!

  2. Food isn't a problem there, i've got that covered. It's the time to walk that I don't have. I'm at Chicken Lady's new shop wed-fri. She's selling Chinese pottery and home furnishings..and my jewelry! (that's why i'm doing the asian themed "silk road collection"). I thought about closing for a lunch break and getting my walk in then. I'll have to see what business is like after they start advertising and have a grand opening.